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AI-powered Customer Service Chatbots

AI-powered Chatbots facilitate autonomous conversations with your customers - as first level support, customers can chat and get answers at any time, 24/7!

The communications and engagement platform for your business

Everything you need in a single solution to optimise your pre-sales, sales and post-sales engagements

Auto-Answering with AI-powered Brandchat AnswersTM

Brandchat AnswersTM is an automated answering solution for businesses powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It is not merely a generic automated response (like your out-of-office email). It works by:

  1. Analysing your historical data,
  2. Identifying the set of intents or types of questions your customers generally ask, and
  3. Applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to give the most appropriate response to the query.

Once set up, Brandchat Answers acts completely autonomously, answering queries 24/7. It is the ideal solution for responding quickly to questions that get asked all the time.

Chatbots for Better Efficiency

Chatbots or Bots are great at improving business efficiency, especially when applied to handling structured customer queries. A good example is the Order Status bot which can ask the customer for the Order Number, look up the order status in your internal systems, and give an answer instantly - all completely autonomously, without human intervention.

The Brandchat Bot Platform offers your business the power to build and roll-out bots quickly and simply. Chat with us to find out more about building your own custom bots.

Integration with Facebook Messenger

With Facebook integration, you can channel queries received via Facebook and Facebook Messenger to the Brandchat app, streamlining the customer service process and making sure responses are done in a timely manner.

Complete audit, tracking and analytics is available in real-time for questions coming from Facebook.

That's not all. If you're running automated Brandchat bots, these bots will seamlesly reply to questions from Facebook as well!

Forwarding "Contact us" Emails to Brandchat

Email integration is also possible with Brandchat. You can forward one or more emails directly to a specific channel (or customer service team) in Brandchat, and it will be received by your customer agents via Brandchat, just like as any other questions sent through the app. Agents can then reply using the Brandchat app.

Customers who receive the email reply will be able to engage in direct, real-time chat with your agents, providing them with a pleasant, seamless experience - perhaps even resulting in better brand loyalty. Chat with us to find out more how this may work for your company.

Using Analytics for Better Decision-Making

If data and analytics are what you're after, we've got you covered. Brandchat comes preloaded with analytics that includes average response time, chats by channel, chats by agent, performance of each agent, open-vs-closed chats, sources of chats (FB vs Email vs Live Chat), question by country of origin (Live Chat only), chat audits, and more.

Never Lose a Sale

Getting assistance from human agents is sometimes needed to resolve and answer questions that a chatbot can't. Brandchat's Chat Forwarding feature allows your leads or customers the option to chat with an agent in charge. An escalation mechanism is also in place to alert relevant people in case the agent does not respond within a specified time.

Wait, there's more..

Escalations and SLAs

Configure Brandchat to escalate customer inquiries that have not been attended within specific time-frame. You can escalate to email, special team or particular person

Use your FAQs

Upload your FAQ questions and let Brandchat suggest these answers instantly, while your customers type their questions (Live Chat only).

Chat Forwarding (Channeling)

Chats can be easily forwarded to different people and departments. Full chat text will be visible to those who join in


Have an announcement to make publicly? This feature lets you display your message on the landing screen of your Brandchat live chat window.