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Chatbots and Live-Chat

Brandchat combines AI-powered chatbots for human queries, role-based bots for automation and data collection, and forwarding to a human agent when the personal touch is needed.

  • » Deploy Chatbots to Answer Customers' Questions 24/7

  • » Collect Data & Automate Tasks with Auto-Bots (e.g 'Book a Hotel Room' Bot)

  • » Assist with Personal Touch via Realtime Live-Chat

Customer Service Automation

Dealing with customers or leads often involves answering the same or similar questions to several different people. Questions like "Where's my order?", "What time do you open?", "Where's the parking payment machine?" are all common examples. If your business deals with these repetitive types of questions, then Brandchat is what you need. Branchat's features allows you to automate your responses, while still ensuring positive customer experience.

Seamless Omnichannel-to-Chat Conversion

Customers find many ways to contact you - via email, social media, website, phone, etc. Brandchat, through its ticketing system, receives enquiries from several of these channels, and converts them into Brandchat chat conversations that you can respond to easily and quickly. These chats can even be assigned to different automated Bots, or to dedicated (human) teams.

Tracking and Optimisation

Understanding useful metrics, like type of enquiry, its source (channel), time of day, location, response times of agents, and other parameters is crucial in learning and optimising the flow so that you can perfect your sales engagemenet and customer service cycles.

These metrics and more, are available to the Brandchat administrator via web and mobile, all fresh and in real time.

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